The DS-260, also known as the Online Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application, is a form required by the U.S. Department of State for individuals seeking to immigrate to the United States. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you fill out the DS-260 form:

1. Access the DS-260 Form:

  • Visit the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) website 

  • Log in using your case number and invoice ID.

2. Personal Information:

  • Provide personal information for the principal applicant and any accompanying family members.

  • Include your full name, date, and place of birth, marital status, and other relevant details.

3. Address and Phone Information:

  • Enter your current address and contact information.

  • Include your email address and phone numbers where you can be reached.

4. Passport Information:

  • Provide details about your passport, including the passport number, issuance date, and expiration date.

  • Include information for all accompanying family members.

5. Nationality and Citizenship:

  • Specify your nationality and any other citizenships you may hold.

6. Previous U.S. Travel Information:

  • Provide details about your previous travels to the United States, including dates and locations.

7. U.S. Contact Information:

  • Include information about a person or organization in the United States that can be contacted regarding your application.

8. Family Information:

  • Enter information about your spouse and children, if applicable.

  • Include details such as names, dates of birth, and addresses.

9. Work/Education/Training Background:

  • Provide information about your educational and employment history.

  • Include details about your current and previous employers or educational institutions.

10. Security and Background Information:

- Answer questions related to your background, including criminal history and affiliations.

- Provide truthful and accurate information.

11. Medical and Health Information:

- Disclose any medical conditions or disabilities.

- Include information about vaccinations.

12. Additional Work/Education/Training Background:

- Provide additional details about your work, education, and training history, if needed.

13. Applicant's Statement and Signature:

- Review the information you entered and sign the application electronically.

- Certify that all information is accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge.

14. Review and Submit:

- Carefully review all the information before submitting the form.

- Once satisfied, click the "Submit" button.

15. Print the Confirmation Page:

- After submitting the form, print the confirmation page for your records.

- You will need the confirmation page for your visa interview.

16. Pay the Visa Application Fee:

- Follow the instructions to pay the required visa application fee.

- Keep the payment confirmation receipt.

After completing the DS-260 form and paying the visa application fee, you will need to wait for further instructions from the National Visa Center (NVC) or the U.S. Embassy or Consulate handling your case. It is essential to check your email regularly for updates and respond promptly to any requests for additional information or documentation.